Our History

And so it began…

After a successful career in television production, in 2006 Laura took a brief hiatus and embarked upon a year out.  The plan was to rest up, re-focus, and enjoy some free time before embarking on a new career. This lasted approximately four weeks.

A Seed Is Planted

With an inability to rest, a brain that rarely switches off and an instinct for what works, Laura set about buying and selling vintage furniture. She very quickly made a number of startling discoveries; 1.- That she thoroughly enjoyed her new venture  2 – She was becoming successful at what she was doing and  3 - That her hiatus was over.

The Seed Becomes A Sapling

In 2007, The Orchard officially launched its own website and the business began to bloom. It becomes apparent that a two bed apartment in West London is no place for a growing Orchard and the plot is dug up and moved to the altogether greener pastures of the Leicestershire countryside.

The Orchard Blooms

Realising that an entire Orchard needs quite a bit of tending, in 2008, Laura invites her partner, Mat, to join the venture. Mat’s retail management background helps the business to flourish and expand, building a dedicated team to make The Orchard one of the most trusted online shabby chic and vintage furniture online retailers.

Bringing us to present day, The Orchard is continuously expanding and meticulously curating its unique product offering, whilst offering its customers good old fashioned customer service, delivered in a modern and efficient manner
With its emphasis on vintage inspired living, with nod to the style of the past and all the practicality needed to live in the modern world. In the words of William Morris –
‘Have nothing in your house that you do no know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’
Enjoy your visit to The Orchard. In case you need a little help finding exactly what you need, make sure to contact us and we will be happy to help.

e: info@theorchardhomeandgifts.com
t: 0116 326 6720
Live Chat: Open 24/7